Hello and congratulations! Now put your entertainment needs into the hands of a professional!

Entertainment is an important part of your reception. Sounds Around Towne understands this and is prepared to coordinate a selection of music to set the perfect mood. We are an upscale non-obtrusive entertainment company, which continues to set the bar higher and higher with every event we assist.

I realize that there is probably more information on this web-site than you will want to read but you have a lot of time, money, effort, dreams and expectations on the line to risk choosing the wrong DJ. My web-site is not like other DJ's….I do not want to “negative sell” my services to you. Instead, I want to explain what my company can accomplish for you and let you compare my skills to other DJ services. This web-site is straight forward and gets to the heart of the matter. There is no need for smoke and mirrors or slick sales pitches, because if another DJ cannot produce the same level of services that I provide then it will come to light on your special day. At that time, both you and the DJ Company that you selected will be disappointed.

Believe me, I would rather you find the DJ Company that suits your specific needs rather than me just “filling up my calendar.” I say this because if you are not happy with my services, I am not going to be happy as well. Just as the old saying goes, “If you like something you will tell four or five people. If you don't like something… you will tell everyone in the world!”

Remember, a great DJ is not expensive….it's PRICELESS!!