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Not every DJ possesses the required skills of being a master in mixing and programming song selections. This is truly an acquired talent from years of excellent performances.

Beatmixing : This is my favorite style of mixing. This style of mixing separates a lot of DJ's. What is Beatmixing? Simply put, it is merging one song into another song, on beat , much like you would hear in a medley of songs professionally recorded. The songs should flow into one another seamlessly so you do not have to stop and gauge the speed of the next song and find the new beat. Beatmixing will keep the dance floor excitement at its highest level as opposed to just randomly fading out of one song and into another….much like an iPod or laptop. You owe it to yourself to come to my office and let me demonstrate this for you. You will see the need for a DJ who Beatmixes.

The old fashion way is to “Cue and fade.” It really does not take skills to do this. You simply start a song and as it is nearing the end you fade it into another song haphazardly. The song does not come in on beat or at the same tempo. This forces dancers to stop and find the new beat and tempo.

While it is true that not every song can be perfectly beatmixed into another song, with careful “PROGRAMMING”, you can select a lot of great songs that do go hand-in-hand. I will discuss programming further.

Programming : A lot of DJ's do not have a clue about music programming. Here is what I mean. Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks , Aretha Franklin and The Rolling Stones all have a slew of number #1 hits. However, I would not actually play these artists one after another. I have witnessed other DJ's doing just that! You will never get a good “mix” by skipping around in different genera's in a haphazardly fashion. However, it is possible to take a good amount of standard/classic hits from one genera and find the proper “break point” to beatmix into another song of the same tempo and texture, even if it is going into a new genera. A top level DJ takes time to access what will be the next best and most logical song to play next. Again, I stress that it would be to your benefit to make an appointment to come to my office so that I may demonstrate these skills. I am sure that you will see the advantage of beatmixing over the old “cue and fade” style of mixing.